Clay's is a fantastic auto repair shop. They make repairs manageable, easy to understand, and they are very honest and transparent.

5 Clays Auto Service 7/17/2018

Great service- friendly, helpful, and communicative, especially in an emergency situation! I appreciated the emailed diagnostic work-up. A bit pricey, but they were all wonderful. Thank you!

4.5 Clays Auto Service 6/29/2018

As always, the service was excellent and thorough, and they were able to accommodate my time requirements, even at short notice. I love the way they check everything and let me know what needs attention now and what might be an issue in the future but can wait. I feel very confident that my vehicles are in great hands!

5 Clays Auto Service 6/28/2018

The most pleasant car oil change experience ever! Wonderfully friendly staff. And the oh-so-comfortable waiting area.....I almost didn't want to leave! I'll be back soon for my front brake fix.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/21/2018

Clay's does a great thorough inspection prior to conducting work. Provide accurate estimate both on time and expense. My truck runs great now and they fixed everything that I wanted and the cost came in a bit lower then the estimate (which is always nice). Thanks to the team at Clay's auto service.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/21/2018

I'm always well taken care by Clay's! My 2003 Toyota Highlander has 275,000 miles on it, and I believe it will easily get me to 300K if I keep getting it serviced at Clay's.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/19/2018

Helpful and accommodating, as always.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/12/2018

great customer service. they give you an update about your car. i will go back again.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/5/2018

Excellent service and work. Estimate for work was very close to actual cost.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/4/2018

Clay's did a great job working to diagnose my car's issue. We've been coming in pretty regularly the last few months. I've got a beautiful 2000 CRV that was having a great deal of issues and Clay's did right by her. Thank's Clay's! My girl hasn't had her check engine light off this long! Sam Mellin

5 Clays Auto Service 5/25/2018