Grat people and service..

5 Clays Auto Service 6/21/2017

I had tried to pass emissions multiple times to no avail and finally decided to take my old tricky truck to Clays. Their service was great and they did all the work to make sure that my truck would pass DEQ while keeping the costs as low as possible. Would definitely recommend and will return for any services needed in the future.

5 Clays Auto Service 6/14/2017

Clays does good work. Very expensive however....

4.5 Clays Auto Service 6/11/2017

My Jeep Liberty's window fell down inside the door panel AGAIN. This is a known issue with Jeep Liberty's and Clay's have always been a big help whenever this happens. Especially last time, it was a Friday eve at 4:30 I was just leaving my daughter's home. I 'rolled' my window down to say goodbye and my window 'dropped' down and wouldn't go back up. I called Clays and they said to come by and drop off my car and they'd give a loaner for the weekend. THAT really helped. Then when I called on Monday to see what the damage was they said 'no charge'. It was a faulty connection that was easily fixed. They're customer service is great!

5 Clays Auto Service 5/15/2017

Fast service.

5 Clays Auto Service 5/14/2017

Service was fast friendly like always.

5 Clays Auto Service 5/2/2017

Service was timely and cost less than the initial estimate. I am always confident Clay's work will be excellent, that is why we have brought our vehicles to them for over 15 years!

5 Clays Auto Service 4/26/2017

Once again Clay's went above and beyond my expectations. When I came in for a routine oil change, inspection revealed leaking radiator hoses and broken hoses going in and out of the power steering mechanism. Though unscheduled, Clay's spent the entire day repairing and replacing the parts so I could safely go on a long road trip. Now that is service!! Pat Eagle, long time customer

5 Clays Auto Service 4/25/2017

quick, thorough, and friendly

5 Clays Auto Service 4/21/2017

Always a pleasure having you all review and care for our cars. Thanks!

5 Clays Auto Service 4/20/2017