Very clean shop you can tell they take care of it friendly service efficient and hard-working got my truck back to me in a very timely manner and had no problem answering any questions that I had

5 Clays Auto Service 10/13/2017

Excellent service. Did a GREAT job on my car. I scheduled an oil change and tire 'check'.. and they checked my entire car from top to bottom and provided advice on what to check during next visit... They did great! The wait was way longer than I expected, but I didn't know that they would be literally checking everything in my car... so it was worth the wait. It was nice to be told.. your car is fine.. don't need anything right now... rather than being sold things you do not need--which is what many service establishments do... it is very nice to find an honest car repair place! I would definitely recommend Clays!!

3.5 Clays Auto Service 10/12/2017

Clay, Beth and April were able to squeeze me in on a Friday when my starter motor died and I was stranded over at Fred Meyer. Great work, really honest on diagnosis and only fixed what needed instead of putting in extra parts like the starter solenoid which was working. Hope I don't need but, but if I do, I'll be back.

5 Clays Auto Service 10/6/2017

Clay's has been 5 stars for me since I moved to Oregon in 2002. They know my driving habits (extreme low mileage), and send appropriate reminders for service. But when I ask for a specific repair, such as replacing the motor for the rear window wiper, Beth called me say they easily fixed the existing unit without needed the new motor after all. They never suggest unnecessary work, and give me warnings of items that might need attention in the next six months or year, so I can plan my budget accordingly.

5 Clays Auto Service 9/30/2017

Five stars!! Great customer service and the problem I was having with my car was repaired in a timely manner. Honesty and a fair price. Who could ask for more?

5 Clays Auto Service 9/29/2017

Spent 4 DAYS at the dealership to diagnose a check engine light that was causing my Jeep to fail at DEQ with no diagnosis made. Frustrated, I brought the Jeep in to Clay's who successfully diagnosed the problem in a matter of a few hours. Part was ordered and my Jeep passed DEQ inspection the very next day! Once again, they reaffirmed my trust and faith - I'm not sure why I even bothered with the dealership this time. Clay's is synonymous with expertise and professionalism. Great people! Thank you!

5 Clays Auto Service 9/28/2017

It is refreshing to find an honest business, especially in the car repair field. Clay's has been taking care of my vehicles for the past 6 years. There have been many instances when they gave recommendations that reduced the initial scope of work (for my older car) which saved me hundreds of dollars. Impeccable service, reasonable prices, very nice people. Getting a ride to and from work is incredibly handy, too.

Thanks Dragos! We were happy to help save you a few hundred dollars on your last visit. Always nice to see a customer taking such good care of his car! Keep up the good work. Clays Auto Service
5 Clays Auto Service 9/15/2017


5 Clays Auto Service 9/13/2017

They helped me fix an issue which took a dealership twice but they did not fix. You will be dealing with expert mechanics who find easy solutions for your needs. Good job!

5 Clays Auto Service 9/12/2017

Great service and customer care

5 Clays Auto Service 9/5/2017