Clays Auto Service always provides exceptional service on our two cars. They are so accommodating and helpful, I trust them with any maintenance our cars need. Highly recommend!!

5 Clays Auto Service 12/6/2017

I felt the price you charged was reasonable; considering you didn't have a specific problem and had to do a lot of trial and error to try and re-create the issue.

5 Clays Auto Service 12/1/2017

How nice to be new to this area. I was very pleased with the service on my 2001 van. Everyone was also very pleasant. I knew I needed to have a local service center and now have one with you. Count on me to be a regular.

5 Clays Auto Service 11/30/2017

Again, Clay's came through for me with outstanding service, reasonable prices, and great transparency. I had a tricky electronic sensor that went out, and they troubleshot it and fixed it. Let's put it this way, I live in Clackamas, and there are a lot places to get my vehicle serviced between Clackamas and Hillsboro. Clay's is fabulous. Thanks so much. Kelly DeLacy

5 Clays Auto Service 11/28/2017

Thank you!

5 Clays Auto Service 11/24/2017

The service was excellent and I appreciated being picked up from the Fair Grounds Max stop. However, I was somewhat shocked by the bill. I know that rent, food and everything else keeps going up but as a senior on a fixed income I can no longer afford to maintain a car when the even minor repairs are so expensive. Therefore, I will probably be selling or donating it and opting to take mass transit. So in spite of your excellent service this will be my first and last visit to your shop.

5 Clays Auto Service 11/23/2017

Service quality seems excellent. The job was completed promptly. I appreciate the texts and email contact from your customer service group. Beth is awesome. See you for our next service !

4 Clays Auto Service 11/20/2017

Excellent professional service as usual

5 Clays Auto Service 11/16/2017

Great!!! As always.

5 Clays Auto Service 11/14/2017

Took my 2011 Forester in today and had it back in half a day with an explanation of the problem and a plan for repair that made good sense and met the needs of Clay’s and me. Overall a pleasure to do business.

So Glad we could come up with a reasonable plan to keep your car in great shape Gail. Clays Auto Service
0 Clays Auto Service 11/13/2017